About Phoenix Praise

‘Out of the ashes we will rise again.. …our one desire to burn for You.’

Phoenix Praise is a Christian worship band based in the Cumbrian village of Gosforth. We meet on Friday evenings in term-time from 7pm to 8.45pm at Gosforth Methodist Church.

In Greek mythology, the phoenix was a bird which was constantly being reborn, obtaining new life when it arose from the ashes of its predecessor. It was eagerly adopted as a symbol by the early Christians, because it could point towards rebirth in Christ, renewal, consecration, resurrection and eternal life. So the name Phoenix Praise seemed just right for a new group which sprang from the ‘ashes’ of Waymark Youth Praise Band in 2014 (see ‘History’). We are completely inclusive and welcome participants of all ages (4-90ish so far) and abilities. Most of our members belong to local churches (of every denomination) but some don’t; most members are Christians, but this isn’t essential so long as they are supportive of the Christian faith.

We sing mainly contemporary Christian worship music in 2 or 3 part harmony with a basic band line-up of keyboards, guitars, bass and drums, though we also have a large repertoire of traditional hymns and carols which we can perform with or without organ or piano accompaniment. Other instruments we have featured include tenor horn, saxophone, bassoon and English concertina! We can field a small team for an intimate acoustic event or a jolly festive crowd for a Christmas extravaganza. However, we don’t exist to showcase our talents, but to assist congregations to worship God; we lead services in many styles but we don’t give concerts as such or make recordings, nor do we travel any further than Whitehaven! We work chiefly with all the churches in Gosforth, Seascale and Drigg.

New members/enquirers of any age, any church affiliation or none are warmly welcomed to join us. (We are especially looking for new sound technicians and roadies - no experience necessary!) All you need is an enthusiasm for singing, playing an instrument or providing technical support, and a lively interest in the Christian faith.

The band is run by Keith and Jill Hudson, both experienced teachers and worship leaders.