Forthcoming Events 2020

Due to the coronavirus outbreak we have temporarily moved 'online'! Regular Friday practices are happening via 'Zoom' at 7pm. We are hosting an evening service on Sundays at 7pm in conjunction with our Methodist ministers Paul and Kina Saunders, and with the support of Egremont Methodist Church; this too happens via Zoom, so if you would like to join us you will need to let us know so that we can invite you in person. (Please see 'Contact Us' page.) Anyone and everyone is welcome, but these services are not streamed or recorded for public broadcast and cannot be watched via Youtube etc..

A big thank you to all those who been involved with our online practices and services since the end of March. Everyone has risen to the challenge with appropriate good humour! Thank you too to all who have provided lockdown recordings of 'We have a Gospel to Proclaim' for use in our Zoom services. We have been able to hear each other singing at last! We'll be tackling another recording project soon.

The services and events listed below were planned before the current crisis began and may or may not happen depending on advice from the Government and from the Methodist Church. Or these too may happen online.

Celebration service on 16 August (Jill and Keith's Ruby Wedding Anniversary!) probably at Seascale (with cake etc), venue TBA, 6.30pm; 'Bega' play and Seascale Mothers' Union event coming up in November...)

Last updated 27 June 2020