How to Book us.
Choir in 1998

We are happy to take whole services; likewise we can provide a complete concert programme, or contribute to a concert in which other groups or individuals are involved.
We make it our policy never to charge for our appearances if these are for churches or charities, though if we have to travel outside Whitehaven we do appreciate help with travel expenses.
We have recently formed the Mark One Singers. This is a group of current and "retired" members which we have put together for events in small venues where a group of 16 teenagers might be a little over the top.
We can provide PA gear sufficient for most indoor and outdoor events.
Please bear in mind that we are based in Whitehaven (Cumbria) which is a very long way from London! We can sometimes operate at short notice (1 week) if required! For further information please contact Keith or Jill on 019467 21592. Or you can email us on

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