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West Cumbrian Groups. See below!
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What is Christianity all about anyhow?
Useful Search Engines etc.

West Cumbrian Groups and Organisations

The websites for other West Cumbrian church groups seem to have died! If you are a West Cumbrian Christian group with an active website then please get in touch so that we can set up mutual links.

National Groups and Organisations University based gospel choirs

The London Community Gospel Choir.

J Francis Hudson Historical Novels Mark One's Jill Hudson has also written 3 novels. Based on characters from the Old Testament, and published by Lion Publishing, they breathe new life into the stories of Saul, Absalom and Esther respectively.

What is Christianity all about anyhow?

Christianity Today magazine. Who is Jesus? Excellent explanation of why and how to become a Christian

Who is Jesus? Thought provoking material from the Campus Crusade for Christ.

A Short Introduction to the God Centred Life. Written by yours truly!

Useful Search Engines etc.

Kingdom Search - Christian Search Engine

If you represent a West Cumbrian group and you would like to set up (mutual) web page links then please get in touch.

If you are trying to find a gospel choir to join or to perform at a function then try Google's advanced search with "uk" entered in the domain field.

There is a chronic shortage of groups like ours with easy-to-find websites. We often have to turn down events simply because they are too far away.
If you are involved in a church music group and want advice on how to play to a wider audience then please get in touch. A group, such as Mark One, but with a base in Manchester or Birmingham could play to thousands of people over the course of a year!
Think about it!

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