Mark One in Action 2006.

Pictures from our fantastic weekend with the wonderful folks from Brucefield Kirk in Whitburn.

Chantelle and a levitating cross.

Our faithful minibus up to its axles in snow.

Getting to Brucefield Kirk proved a little interesting.

On realising that they might have to sleep in the van.

The M74 on the way home.

Mark One in Action 2003-2005.

Mark One in Silloth. July 2005.

Keith consulting the sound guys.

Nice speaker and Jill.


Spot the elephant.

Action choruses in Silloth.

The Good News Puppets in Action.

Backstage at the Maritime Festival, June 2005.

Maritime Festival, June 2005.

Troon, March 2005.(Sorry about the picture quality.)

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Last updated 17th March 2006